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Later sometime we might ask you to share your experience with the website to make our services better and keep you forever as a happy customer.
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Returns and RefundsAs a customer you can anytime cancel your order (before a stipulated time) by calling our customer service number +91 9596150892 ,+91 9419018184 if you are not satisfied with the freshness or quality of the product. We will refund the full amount that you have already paid and credit the amount to your account for further shopping. If however, we find out that the transaction isn’t genuine or might be a case of fraud, we will cancel the order there and then.
DeliveryIf a customer doesn’t like the product on delivery (on the basis of freshness or quality), he/she may return it immediately. But if the delivery doesn’t occur on account of a carelessness by the customer (like wrong address, not being available on the given address etc), the extra costs incurred will have to be borne by the customer.
Picture Quality:Chib Security Services Pvt Ltd tries its best to show viewers the actual colour of the product. However due to difference in Monitor Color Display or pixels, the image might have a slight difference with the original product.

Modifying the content of the website:Chib Security Services Pvt Ltd has the right to change, remove or add any new description, product, image on the website. It shall not be liable to any customer for the modification of the data it does.
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